WFCRW members,

I believe the winning of elections consists of three main parts: a great candidate, a strong political committee, and an informed electorate.

Even with excellent candidates sometimes we fall short of our goals. Why? Is the FCRC a “strong” political committee? Are the electorate sufficiently informed? Although our candidates won some pretty impressive races could we have done better, and do we need to do better in the future? 

I believe the FCRC can get to a higher level. Our members seem to be reserved in letting their knowledge, skills and talents move the committee to a stronger voice in our community. Many subcommittees go unfilled for lack of members stepping forward to participate and thus our message is muted. Our voter base needs to be expanded, encouraged, and enlightened. Our voice in the community needs to be heightened. 

If elected Chairman of FCRC it will be a major goal of mine to make sure those subcommittees are filled with energetic members who will then make a bigger impact in our community. I will see that we reach out to other organizations, such as WFCRW, Winchester Republican committee, Young Republicans, etc. to assist where we can, to raise funds, get, and train election workers, broadcast a strong voice in the county and build our committees.

A more visible/active committee will draw new members who will be willing to add their talents to this strong base that now exists. But that won’t happen without strong leadership. The knowledge, experience, and skills I bring to this committee, I believe, will allow us to reach a higher level of visibility and viability. 

I ask for your support in my quest to be elected chairman of the FCRC on March 26, 2024. For more information about our party canvass and an online voting prefiling method, go to   For more information about me, visit my website .

Words to live by

Ran across this today in an e-newsletter. Awed by the simplicity and directness that some can impart to us.

“It’s not the honors and prizes of life which ultimately nourish our souls. It’s the knowing that we can be trusted, that we never have to fear the truth, that the bedrock of our very being is good stuff.” Mister Rogers

And the truth shall set you free

“47:55      A member of an assembly who acts as its parliamentarian has the same duty as the presiding officer to maintain a position of impartiality, and therefore does not make motions, participate in debate, or vote on any question except in the case of a ballot vote. He does not cast a deciding vote, even if his vote would affect the result, since that would interfere with the chair’s prerogative of doing so. If a member feels that he cannot properly forgo these rights in order to serve as parliamentarian, he should not accept that position. Unlike the presiding officer, the parliamentarian cannot temporarily relinquish his position in order to exercise such rights on a particular motion.”

Excerpt From
Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 12th edition
Henry M. Robert III, Daniel H. Honemann, Thomas J. Balch, Daniel E. Seabold & Shmuel Gerber
This material may be protected by copyright.

In a meeting last evening I was asked why I voted in opposition to a motion made in the committee. As you can imagine I was taken aback by such a question. And yet it was stated that I had actually been one of three members who did just that. As you can see from the excerpt above, I cannot and DO NOT vote on any matter coming before the committee. I take the job as Parliamentarian very seriously.

So I ask, why. Why would a member accuse me of casting a vote when it should be very obvious I don’t.

It is very disappointing and distressing to think that members of the committee would stoop so low as to make up falsehoods to put a negative light on me so that their candidate would seem the better pick.

Another falsehood stated that I opposed the Outreach and Election Integrity subcommittee formations. Truth is I proposed the formation of the Outreach subcommittee in a report to the Executive Committee in May 2022. My initial concern about the Election Integrity subcommittee was the wording. I do not like to state the objectives of any subcommittee in terms that cannot be executed. After a wording change I included it with all the other subcommittee proposals put before the membership.

It was in fact that I opposed the carving out of just those two subcommittees for approval and not addressing a more comprehensive overhaul of our then current subcommittee structure.

Please be wary of members who spread lies, innuendo and hyperbole to garner support for their candidate or cause.

Ageing or Growing old, which is it?

According to Wikipedia: Biologically, ageing results from the impact of the accumulation of a wide range of molecular and cellular damage over time. Thus, this leads to a gradual decline in physical and mental capacity, a growing risk of diseases, and ultimately, death. Growing old as stated on R4 DN website is: During early middle age, many bodily functions begin to gradually decline. People do not become old or elderly at any specific age.

My thoughts exactly. You probably know people who have gotten “older” then you even though you are the same age. So is it our perception of “old” that we walk a little stooped over, slower, mentally less responsive, and the list could go on. But why does that happen? Beats me, I am not a doctor or scientist. I only observe and wonder. Do people actually think that as they “age” they should be less active, less alert, walk slower, etc? It appears some folks do. I have found many websites that want to help me “age” better, “age” gracefully, “age” spiritually, yada, yada, yada.

I choose to not even think about aging or getting older. Hey, it is inevitable that the years pass and my life is going to change in many different ways. But my vow is to ignore the numbers and just live life to the fullest every day. Another day is not guaranteed. So my quest is to relate to you my observations on how people “age” or “grow old”. Give accounts of persons who are struggling with the progress of time and how they deal with it, but also people who seem to have it all together (whether they do or not) and go about living with an attitude of grace, humor and optimism.

It should be interesting to relay to you the life lessons being learned every day by others as they trod this path of life. What are their concerns, problems, questions, fears, hopes, dreams… well you get my drift. If you have some life lesson to share or a question that other readers of this blog might be able to provide some insight on, email me at

Moving forward in the FCRC

Recognizing the knowledge, skills and abilities of each member will be a great asset to the Chairman/Executive Committee as the committee moves forward. We all bring our own personalities to this committee which gives it a greater strength.. Get involved in the area that you feel works for you and commit to helping by being an advocate for the change you would like to see. There are subcommittees that have no chair and no members. Why do members not want to step up and be a part of a winning team? Personality conflicts? Ideology conflicts? Whatever the reason we have to find a middle ground, an area of commonality. The Democrats seem to be a monolith organization. Rarely hear of a Democrat breaking ranks with the party line from top to bottom. Being the free thinkers that we are it sometimes seems like there is a lot of discord to the general public. Actually it is each member offering their contribution to a potential solution. Once all ideas and suggestions are heard, we discuss, debate and then form a plan to get something done about the situation at hand. Seems like the common sense approach to me.

There are several very important elections this year. Presidential and U.S. Senate. Both are very critical. Can we be an influencer to help turn our Commonwealth back to solid red? We need community advocates/volunteers in several areas to get voters energized and have the biggest turnout we have ever had. The counties to the west of the Blue Ridge must turn out in record numbers to offset Northern Va. and the Tidewater area if we are to accomplish that goal. Will you lend your time, expertise and energy to make that a reality?

So as the committee starts its new year make a commitment to get involved and help the committee, our county, our Commonwealth and the U.S.A. by helping elect the right candidates.

The Truth Be Known

Recently I was informed, by others, that I was asked to submit answers to questions posted on a (unofficial) newsletter promulgated by a member of the FCRC. Some felt I was being arbitrary by stating that I would only take and answer questions on my website. My reasoning was three fold. First the website is open to the world, not just the newsletter’s subscribers. Second, I have found errors in the newsletter’s information and pointed those out to the publisher. They were never acknowledged or corrected. Facts matter. An example is a recent post stating there was a “Precinct Plan” (This program is clearly outlined in the Virginia Republican Party Plan (RPV), we have just never followed it! Since we are way behind in our county, we need to start calling for volunteers immediately) in the RPV Party Plan (which you can find here). I have yet to find that in the plan. Facts matter. And yes, I have contacted RPV.

As of this date, March 14, 2024, I have not received any questions from the two persons who stated in the newsletter that they had questions. I await those questions because you deserve to know where I stand and what I stand for. Facts matter.