WFCRW members,

I believe the winning of elections consists of three main parts: a great candidate, a strong political committee, and an informed electorate.

Even with excellent candidates sometimes we fall short of our goals. Why? Is the FCRC a “strong” political committee? Are the electorate sufficiently informed? Although our candidates won some pretty impressive races could we have done better, and do we need to do better in the future? 

I believe the FCRC can get to a higher level. Our members seem to be reserved in letting their knowledge, skills and talents move the committee to a stronger voice in our community. Many subcommittees go unfilled for lack of members stepping forward to participate and thus our message is muted. Our voter base needs to be expanded, encouraged, and enlightened. Our voice in the community needs to be heightened. 

If elected Chairman of FCRC it will be a major goal of mine to make sure those subcommittees are filled with energetic members who will then make a bigger impact in our community. I will see that we reach out to other organizations, such as WFCRW, Winchester Republican committee, Young Republicans, etc. to assist where we can, to raise funds, get, and train election workers, broadcast a strong voice in the county and build our committees.

A more visible/active committee will draw new members who will be willing to add their talents to this strong base that now exists. But that won’t happen without strong leadership. The knowledge, experience, and skills I bring to this committee, I believe, will allow us to reach a higher level of visibility and viability. 

I ask for your support in my quest to be elected chairman of the FCRC on March 26, 2024. For more information about our party canvass and an online voting prefiling method, go to   For more information about me, visit my website .

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