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(These questions were taken from the Sparkman newsletter sent to me by a friend, so I felt it only fair to publish them even though they were not submitted to my website) Here are two questions from our Election Integrity Chairman Rodney Wine:

 Gary, my questions to you are:

1. You opposed the creation of both an Election Integrity Committee and an Outreach Committee within the FCRC. Are you still in opposition to those two committees?

Answer to #1

Rodney, to set the record straight here is some info. In April of 2021 I brought before the Executive Committee a worksheet (find it here) outlining the current subcommittees and also issues that were being discussed but not addressed by a standing committee. No action was taken then on those items. In May of 2022 I presented a proposal that addressed those items and a more comprehensive subcommittee approach (here). In that proposal was an Outreach subcommittee with proposed duties. My initial concern with the Election Integrity subcommittee proposal was the wording. It was vague and some parts of the proposed duties were not attainable. Sounded good but could not be executed. After the wording was revised it was included in the proposals submitted to the membership. At the June 2022 meeting only a portion of the proposed subcommittee structure was approved by the membership ( Outreach and Election Integrity Committees). That was my objection, as we did not, and still have not, addressed the deficiencies in our subcommittee structure.

2. If elected as Chairman of the FCRC, is it your intention to put forth Lynette Embree’s name to be reappointed to the Frederick County Electoral Board at the expiration of her current term?

Answer to question #2:

§ 24.2-106. (Code of Virginia) states: The political party entitled to the appointment shall make and file recommendations with the judges for the appointment not later than December 15 of the year of an expiration of a term or, in the case of an appointment to fill a vacancy, within 30 days of the date of death or notice of resignation of the member being replaced. Its recommendations shall contain the names of at least three qualified voters of the county or city for each appointment. The chief judge, or his designee, shall promptly make such appointment from the recommendations (i) after receipt of the political party’s recommendation or (ii) after December 15 for a full term or after the 30-day period expires for a vacancy appointment, whichever of the events described in clause (i) or (ii) first occurs.

To my knowledge historically the chairman has received the names of those individuals who express an interest in serving on our local BOE. Such was the situation in the last appointment when Ms. Dawson was appointed. I believe there were four individuals who expressed interest and the Chief Judge decided who would receive the appointment.

Therefore, if Mrs. Embree expressed an interest in continuing to serve, her name would be submitted to the Chief Judge along with any others who have expressed that interest.

Question from John Peterson:

The role of a Chairman is to carry out the will of the committee. 

Why are you secretive, and not available to have open public conversation?

Why are you acting out in such a weird manner and expecting people to vote for you after your smug arrogant letter to a newsletter?

Then you do it in a fashion, as to be “controlling”, and it’s obvious that you are bitter about something. Why?

Why would anyone vote for you after your display of arrogance as if everyone is beneath you, and they must come to you, on your terms to answer a question so you can control what you answer and ignore what you don’t want too?

Looking forward to speaking at your mass meeting. 

Damn Dean
2020 Trump National Delegate
2024 Candidate for RPV SCC.

Answer to John Peterson:

Your first comment is spot on and that is what my speech at the committee meeting tried to convey. I won’t “run” the committee, but rather do my best to see that the wishes of the committee are given the attention and resources needed to carry out their decisions.

I do not recall being secretive and am certainly open to public discourse, that is one of the reasons I constructed this forum as one way to engage every voter in a dialogue, even if we can’t meet face to face.

It was not a letter to Mr. Sparkman, but an email in response to his article in his newsletter (which I do not receive), which stated he and Mr. Wine had questions of me. This method of answering questions is open to ALL Frederick County voters, not just a small audience of the newsletter. I do not receive the newsletter because in the past I have emailed Mr. Sparkman about errant facts that were in his newsletter. He did not acknowledge those errors nor correct them in a subsequent newsletter, which I felt was unfortunate because the true facts could have been enlightening and helpful. I subsequently blocked receiving the newsletters.

Consider this. Is Mr. Sparkman controlling in his request to have me use his forum for questions and discussions? Would you not want to have control over your answers or would you rather give someone else “editorial liberty” over your submissions? My answers here will be forthright and honest. My assumption is that Mr. Sparkman will read the questions and answers set out here and use them in his newsletter. If there is any deviation, it can be verified in this forum. One has to wonder, though, if they will be followed by his opinions and views.

Best of luck in your bid for the RPV State Central Committee. We need members willing to put forth good ideas and be advocates for our principles and values.

Oh, and by the way, we are having a Party Canvass, not a mass meeting, but I do hope to have time to speak with you at that event.

Question from Tom Reed

Have not been active in FCRC for many years – Why should I re-up now, given ongoing reports of bad things happening. Can you turn it around, like to talk when you have a chance?

Answer to Tom Reed:

Like every organization we have our ups and downs. Different groups have their focus on one facet of what they feel is important which may differ from others in the committee. This not a bad thing it just sometimes pulls us in different directions and some may feel disenfranchised. But in the bigger picture the committee seems to coalesce around our mission of electing people to office that represent our Republican principles and values. Another voice, especially one with your experience, and knowledge of the committee, the county and the voters can be a valuable source for us as we discuss our plans of action.

I won’t be so bold as to say I can have everybody singing the same song, but believe that my knowledge and experience can be used to make sure we keep moving forward and at the same time recognize, and utilize, the strengths that each member brings to the table. Our candidates did an incredible job this year winning some big upsets against incumbents and inc;umbent endorsed candidates. Their hard work and the work of their teams combined with the support of our committee, I feel, was the winning combination. Don’t underestimate the value of your contribution to our committee’s work. Every source of information based on experience is invaluable. I hope that you will see fit to join us again.

Enjoyed our talk and look forward to seeing you soon.

Question(?) from John Peterson

Sir,… your reasoning for this “forum” has nothing to do with conversation, and has more to do with “control” and should be a red flag for anyone. 

This is NOT a forum,… this is a controlled environment where have total control. So why do you claim otherwise?

It’s disturbing how you characterize others, while committing the same transgressions. 

I look forward to seeing who the people choose.

Crooked Corrupt Career Politicians and Bureaucrats are a direct threat to the American People. 

Damn Dean
2020 Trump National Delegate
Candidate for RPV SCC.

Answer to John Peterson

Forum – noun:

  1. A medium for open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a newspaper, a radio or television program, or a website. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition 

Seems to fit this exchange of ideas. You do not pose a question, but make a statement. I have posted that statement and now I am following up with a response. So we are discussing the issue that you have raised. If, by control, you mean that I can take questions (or statements) and then answer them, I am not sure that is a fitting description. If I wanted to exercise control then I would not have posted your statement, but dismissed it because it was not in the form of a question. I have not characterized anyone, but you have framed the newsletter as a form of control because the publisher does not accept questions except when they want and for whatever reason they want. Read my Newsworthy post for more info.

Statement of John Peterson

No thank you sir,… I’ve heard enough skirting around the question(s) without ever addressing them. 

You are committing the same transgressions that you accuse others of doing unto you. So why do you claim you are not?

I was critical of Mr Sparkman’s newsletter in an email I was easily able to communicate with him. 

Your Facebook and X account on your website don’t seem to exist. 

I’ve survived and exposed the lawfare that was used against me by the former 6th District RPV Chair 2018-2020. 

I loathe dirty politicking, because all the people end up with is the most crooked politician. 

Given your limited access to people, and selective way of a lawyers dodge when questions are asked,…

Why should MAGA Grassroot Republicans support you?

What makes you different than almost every other politician that tells people what they want to hear, and not mean a damn word of it?

Answer to John Peterson

Thank you for your input. Have a great one.