About Me

The worst lesson that can be taught a man is to rely upon others and to whine over his sufferings.”

Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.


Hi! I’m Gary Lofton. Thanks for stopping by. As you read on the Home Page this site is basically a learning experience. Lifelong learning is important to me.

Born in Winchester, Virginia, 1945. Raised in Winchester in my early years, attending John Kerr Elementary (Grades 1-3) and then John Handley (Grades 4, part of 5). We then moved to Frederick County and I continued my schooling at Stonewall and graduated from James Wood in 1963. I worked as an automotive Technician (or mechanic as it was called in those days) and then took a position with the Virginia Department of Transportation as a Materials Technician in 1964. I obtained a job with the City of Winchester as the Assistant City Engineer in 1970 and continued to work there until 2006. During my tenure with the City I moved up through several positions to become Director of Public Works in 1985 and served in that capacity until 2005 when I was named Director of Transportation. In those capacities, I was responsible for several different activities, such as highway maintenance, traffic signals, refuse/recycling collection and disposal, fleet maintenance and transit. In November, 2006 I retired from the City and served as an Area Director of BNI (Business Network International) until 2015. 

My wife, Priscilla, and I were married in 1963. We have two children, Lynnette Embree and Gary Lofton II.

I attended Lord Fairfax Community College studying Business Administration. I also took advantage of alternative study opportunities and received diplomas in electronics, civil engineering, pc repair and computer programming. In 2004 I was appointed as a citizen member of the Frederick County Finance committee and served until January 2008 when I assumed my position on the Board of Supervisors.

AND…. if you have not noticed, I love quoting great people in America’s history. Enjoy